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Digital Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers

Digital Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

Automatic voltage stabilizers are designed, using advanced technologies and tools that make it known for having faster correction rate.

Digital Voltage Stabilizer

On-Line UPS

Economical data saver system as well as outcome of perfect understanding of end use application, utilization of MOSFET technology for higher efficiency

Digital Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers

Servo Controlled Voltage

At Selvon Instruments, we develop all our products under the guidance of an experienced and skilled team of engineers. They’re highly qualified accompanied

Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers

L. T. Isolation / Transformer

Isolation transformers are a type of transformer, designed to have primary input and secondary output windings. Both these windings are separated

Digital Stabilizer Manufacturers

Static Voltage Stabilizer (IGBT)

Selvon IGBT type Static Stabilizers are most suitable for fast, step-less and accurate Voltage regulation. These systems are built on state of the art

APFC Panel

The system to operate on single phase or phase to phase basic wide range to single phase control output through static semiconductor.

Linear Servo Voltage Regulator

Linear Voltage regulators employ vertical windings with Carbon Rollers on both sides of the coil. Linear technology employs heavy section of electrolytic grade

Contactless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The dispenser is contactless and will spray alcohol based Liquid Sanitizer for sanitization of hands as hand hygiene has become a most important thing to fight

Disinfectant Tunnel

The Disinfection / Sanitization Tunnel / Chambers will help to disinfect human body & keep them safe from the deadly spread of COVID-19