Linear Servo Voltage Regulator (Roller Type)

Linear Voltage Regulator

Linear Voltage regulators employ vertical windings with Carbon Rollers on both sides of the coil. Linear technology employs heavy section of electrolytic grade rectangular Copper Strip, in order to minimize the losses. The core is built from grain oriented silicon steel laminations to keep the losses to the minimum. This is suitable for 100% continuous duty & have the capability to adhere to heavy inrush starting Loads.

Roller Carbon Brush

The Roller brush technology gives high reliability due to less wear & tear, as the surface area in contact keeps on changing during the stabilization process. The roller contact is fitted with spring tension behind to keep the roller intact with coil for trouble free operation. There are self lubricationg roller assemblies with a life span of appx. 1 lac track meters.

Special Features

  • Higher Overload Capability for high inrush & regenerating currents of Induction Motors.
  • Machine wound Variable Linear Voltage regulators.
  • Specially designed Transformers to minimize losses, with CRGO/CRNO Laminations.
  • 99.9% purity electrolytic Conductors used for regulators.
  • Microprocessor Based Control Circuits used for correction.
  • All components used are of reputed makes, confirming to relevant IS/BS standards.
  • Suitabally designed for SS deg. Ambient.
  • Efficiency better than 99%.
  • Burn Proof/Brush less A.C. Synchronous Motos used for greater reliability & long life.
Capacity 10 KVA to 5000 KVA ( Three Phase )
Input Voltage Range 350V-450V, 340V-460V, 330V-470V. 320V-480V, 300V-500V
Output Voltage 400V/415V, Three Phase
Regulation (± )1.0 °/0( )
Supply Frequency 47 Hz - 53 Hz
Efficiency Better than 99%
Effect of Load power Factor Nil
Wave Form Distortion Nil
Rate Of Correction 6-8V/sec
Duty Cycle 100% Continuous
Cooling AN/ONAN
Over Load Capacity upto 150% momentarily
Suitability Suitable for 3Ph. Unbalanced/Balanced Supply & Load
Mounting On Wheels
Earthing 2 Nos. of Earthing Terminals provided
Cable Termination Box Input/Output Connections
Ambient temperature -10°C + 50°C
Relative Humidity Upto 95%