Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer

Operation :

Voltage fluctuation not just affects the working environment in an office or home, but also leads to damage home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, AC, coolers, and another machine. That’s why every household or organization needs a constant power supply. But, it seems a difficult thing to achieve.
Considering this problem on a serious note, Selvon Instruments brings you world-class servo voltage stabilizer. Our stabilizer is designed to provide constant electricity and causes desired productivity. It features to correct voltage automatically and continuously, offers continuous energy without any disruption within the waveform to help the device work efficiently and for a long time.
As one of the leading servo voltage stabilizer manufacturers, Selvon Instruments offers you guaranteed and reliable equipment for both domestic and industrial use. You can use our servo stabilizers for various home appliances and cater to all your domesticand industrial needs.
At Selvon Instruments, we develop all our products under the guidance of an experienced and skilled team of engineers. They’re highly qualified accompanied by rich industry experience. Before we resort to putting the products for sale, we perform the test and make sure all the products are error and defect free.
Key features include now erratic behavior, no malfunctioning or fluctuations of electronics, good to save power, reduce the energy consumption. Besides, our products are easy to operate, reliable, give complete protection to home appliances, require less maintenance and stay longer. Since our servo stabilizer comes equipped with a high-capacity motor, it operates at high efficiency and Protects costly manufacturing equipment’s from the menace of high/low voltages, thus cutting on the maintenance cost.Our main motive to provide good quality material at reasonable price. Our product are long lasting because we made our products by using good quality material.
If you are on a lookout for a high-quality servo voltage stabilizer, then Selvon Instruments is the right name. We manufacturer and supply different types of power conditioning products. If you want to buy our products, give a call to our customer care number and fix a meeting with our sales executives or you can place your order online.

capacity 1 kva to 500 kva (single phase)
3 kva to 2000 kva (three phase)
input voltage range 150 v - 270 v, 170 v to 270 v (single phase)
260 v to 470 v, 300 v to 470 v (three phase)
(other ranges available on special order)
output voltage 230 v / 240 v single phase (adjustable)
400 v to 415 v three phase (adjustable)
regulation + 1% or better
supply frequency 47 mhz - 53 hz
efficiency > 98.6%
effect of load power factor nil
wave form distortion nil
rate of correction better than 36 v / sec. in an
better than 20 v/sec. in on an
duty cycle 100% continuous
response time less than 10 ms
cooling an on an
overload capabilities up to 200% momentarily
no load losses less than 0.8% over entire range
suitability suitable for 3 phase unbalanced/balanced supply & unbalanced / balanced load
mounting on wheels
earthing two numbers of earthing terminals
cable termination box input/output connections
ambient temperature -100 c to 500 c
relative humidity up to 95%