l-t isolation transformer

Operation :

Isolation transformers are a type of transformer, designed to have primary input and secondary output windings. Both these windings are separated with the help of an electric insulation barrier. Therefore, in case of any fault, the power is not transferred to next stage.
Isolation Transformer converts or transformers the current or AC voltage from one level to another level. It does it's the principle of isolating different sections of electrical systems to stop current flow. The transformer transfers electrical power from a source of alternating current energy to a device. To ensure safety measure, the powered device is isolated from the power source. In this case, there is no direct conduction path, still the energy is exchanged.
Further, the isolation transformer features to prevent the transmission of the DC component in signals from one circuit to another. However, it allows AC components in signals to pass.
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We know that switching of electrical equipment in commercial spaces breeds spikes up to 10000 Volts & high-frequency Noises. It disturbs the sine-wave output, causing the failure of Microprocessors, thrusters, or other sensitive electronic devices.
The high-frequency noises lead to obstructing the Digital-Electronic equipment, which further causes erratic behaviour, data corruption, loss of memory,etc. With the help of out isolation transformers, you can eliminate such noises and attenuates the spikes to minimum values. You can ensure complete protection against such disruptions.

Special Features

  • Symmetrical characteristics allow noise attenuation from both sides.
  • No impedance matching required.
  • No need for extra filter circuits.
  • Can be used where different groung potential exists or the groung of the equipment cannot be earthed.
  • No Secondary effects like resonance etc., as with filters.
input single / three phase application
rating from 0.5 to 750 kva
regulation better than 3% (approx.)
connection delta / star fro 3 phase
operating power factor -0.75 to + 0.75 (0.75 lagging to leading)
dielectric strength 2500 v for 60 sec
resistance better than 1000 mega ohms
coupling capacitance less than 0.1 pf
noise rejection a) isolation - up to 100 db
b) ultra isolation - more than 130 db