On-Line UPS

Operation :

Economical data saver system as well as outcome of perfect understanding of end use application, utilization of MOSFET technology for higher efficiency with latest Power conversion Techniques which employ excellent line filtering devices.
Selvon UPS is perfect for PCs, PC XT / ATS, Micro and Mini computers, peripherals, Biomedical / Analytical equipments etc.

input 160 v - 260 v
output 220v + 7% (on line mode)
220v + 3% (on battery mode)
frequency same as input (on mains mode)
50 hz + 1% (on battery mode)
technology mosfet based pwm line interactive design.
transfer time (typical) less than 3 ms
battery type (smf) 12 v - 6.8/7.6 ah
90% recharge time 3 to 4 hours
aidio visual ac charging ac normal
indications inverter on battery low
protections batt. deep discharge / batt. over charge / short circuit