Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

Operation :

Today, no house is without electronic and electrical devices such as refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, furnace equipment, music systems, micro oven, washing machines, etc. Most probably, you also have this equipment. Don’t you want to product these expensive appliances from the dangerous voltage fluctuation? Many houses use Automatic Regulator Stabilizer. We are one of the leading Avr Manufacturers & Automatic Regulator Stabilizer Manufacturer in India. The main intention to use this stabilizer is to protect the devices against voltage fluctuations.
Automatic voltage stabilizers are designed, using advanced technologies and tools that make it known for having faster correction rate. These stabilizers work over a wide range of input frequencies without any kind of waveform distortion. By using them, you can enjoy high levels of reliability with high performance control circuits.
These stabilizers allow you to conveniently switch between manual and auto operating modes, with over and under voltage indicators that can keep you informed. Selvon Instruments is one of the reputable automatic regulator stabilizer manufacturers in India, engaged in manufacturing, supplying and offering standard quality automatic regulator stabilizers at affordable prices. Our IC controlled electronic circuit ensures positive switching, making it more reliable & durable. Since our products are installed with unique designed vacuum impregnated transformer, it ensures less heating, high efficiency & low power consumption. Rigorously tested as per IS specifications.
When you choose to buy automatic regulator stabilizers at Selvon Instruments, you can reap many benefits such as very competitively priced, not frequency dependent, negligible output waveform distortion, size and weight advantages over other methods of stabilisation and option to attenuate voltage spikes if required.

phase single / three
input voltage 160 - 260 v; 140 - 258 v; 120 - 285 v
output voltage 200 - 240 v
efficiency >95% at full load
capacity 0.25 kva - 10 kva (single pahse)
3 kva - 30 kva (three pahse)