Static Voltage Stabilizer (IGBT)

Operation :

SELVON is one of the most reputable Static Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers. We manufacture, supply, and distribute world-class stabilizers to clients. With more than a decade of experience in this field, we are able to understand what the industry demands. Thus, we customize our product as per the requirements. A Static Voltage Stabilizer or Static Stabilizer is an SMPS type of stabilizer for the main voltage that is AC input and AC output. The stabilizers serve as the perfect solution for situations where stable power is mandatory, especially for high-end electronics.

Static Voltage Stabilizer is one of the first of its kind of Stabilizers. The stabilizer comes with the most advanced semiconductor technology, which operates with a microcontroller-based controller. This controller provides you with a correction of mains in µsec. The product design makes sure the stabilizer can bear any kind of load. Our system operates on single phase or phase to phase basis. The Static Voltage Stabilizer manufactured by SELVON provides the mains utilization even at a low voltage.

As one of the top Static Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers in India, we make sure our products come equipped with all the essential features, including: