Static Voltage Stabilizer (IGBT)

Operation :

Selvon IGBT type Static Stabilizers are most suitable for fast, step-less and accurate Voltage regulation. These systems are built on state of the art technology with dual voltage & current tracking with robust algorithm to ensure that sensitive loads are effectively protected from grid voltage variations. The basic topology uses a buck-boost transformer with higher primary secondary ratio for voltage corrections upto +1- 25%. The Voltage correction is achieved electronically without any step changes in voltage during regulation. The system is microprocessor based & works on a feedback & control sy

Special Features

  • Medical Equipments, X-Ray Machines, Centrifuge, MRI/CT Scan etc.
  • CNC, Laser & Moulding Machines etc.
  • Printing Machines, Colour Processors. Packaging Industries etc.
  • Textile & Weaving Industries, Central Air Conditioning, Chemical Industries, Processing Plants etc.
  • Commercial Buildings & Complexes.
  • Oil & Gas - Petrol Pumps using dispensing machines centrally connected through SCADA
  • Telecommunications, Radars etc.
  • Information Technology & Call Centres,
  • Defence Installations, IPTs & HPTs
  • Lifts & Escalators.
  • Research & Development

Regulator Technology High frequency 20k Hz IGBT driven voltage regulation converter. Pulse width modulated (PWM) controlled direct AC to AC 32 Bit Digital converter topology. 7" Coloured Touch Interface (Optional) Synchronised operation of 3 Phase Converters Closed Loop Control
Input Nominal Voltage 230 volts AC, 1-phase, 2 wire, 50Hz
400 volts AC, 3-phase, 4 wire, 50Hz
Input Nominal Operating Voltage Range 1. 195V-265V/200V-260V/170V-300V AC, 1-phase, 2 wire, 50 Hz
2. 340V-460V/350V-450V/300V-500V, AC, 3-phasse, 4 wire, 50Hz (Other ranges available on specific order)
Output Nominal Voltage 230/400V +1-0.5% AC, Single /Three phase
Input Nominal Frequency 50 Hz + /-5%
Reaction Time < 100 us
Efficiency Better than 98.5%
Protections Over Current Protection Output Under/Over Voltage Protection Semiconductor Fuses Soft Start Facility ( Stabilized Output Voltage, on Mains restoration) Typer 2 Surge Suppressors Output Contactor/MCCB (Optional) Input MCCB/MCB (Optional)
Metering Input /Output Voltage Input /Output Current Frequency
MMI (Optional) 7" Coloured Interface (Optional) Input/Output Voltages Input /Output Current Current/Voltage Waveforms Operator Activity Log Stack Temperaure Converter Current
Enviroment Indoor IP 42 Ambient Temperature - Upto 50 degree Relative Humidity : 95% (Non Condensing)
Available Ratings 3 Phase : 6 KVA - 500 KVA
1 Phase : 2 KVA - 50 KVA