Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers

A servo voltage stabilizer is an electronic equipment which provides the safety to appliances against high voltage fluctuations and power cuts. It has been observed controlling the voltage fluctuations, these stabilizers help maintain a proper voltage level and let the appliance perform seamlessly without facing any instability in voltage. They use a buck/boost transformer booster to capture voltage fluctuations from the input and regulate current to the correct output.
Selvon is a highly recognized brand in Uttar Pradesh and best servo voltage stabilizer manufacturers, Selvon supply super quality and high-performance stabilizers that establish constant input and output voltage to prevent voltage fluctuation. Selvon has a dedicated team for r&d. Our series of stabilizers include three phase variac oil cooled servo stabilizers (300v - 500v), three-phase servo-controlled voltage stabilizer. Recommended for use with unbalanced input supply voltage, single variac oil cooled service stabilizers (110v - 280v). 240v - 500v is also available on demand. Our range also includes servo voltage stabilizers, servo stabilizers, static voltage stabilizer, isolation transformer, automatic regulator stabilizer, etc. Our stabilizers are perfect for industrial and domestic applications.

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Servo Stabilizer Manufacturers

If in your industries which are work in more electricity like manufacturing industries and it may be chances to facing the power fluctuation, like high and low voltage that results in a frequent breakdown, it can be dangerous for your company as well as life, so in this situation, you should install a Servo Voltage Stabilizer. Power fluctuation and voltage breakdown can damage your machine and stop your production. By installing our high power servo stabilizer, you can supply consistent amount of voltage to all your machine and devices.

Selvon provides servo stabilizers are designed to stabilize the voltage & safeguard your electrical instrumentality from power imbalances. We are one of the best quality Servo Stabilizer Manufacturers in India. Our customers are satisfied with our products, we have Rated 4.2/5 by 153, our aim to satisfied the customer need.


Some of the important components of a Servo Voltage Stabilizer are servo motor (synchronizing motors), contactor or rely, autotransformer, MCB, MCCB, buck-boost device, Carbon Brush, Electronic Circuit and solid state electrical circuit. Besides, the machine has also an Associate automatic electrical device, which receives a voltage from the foremost at the input. It is continuously accessories equipment and offers feedback to main management equipment with the help of a semiconductor. Then semiconductor receives values of input voltages Associate in Nursing. When there is high or low voltage at an input of the automatic electrical device, the semiconductor triggers the motor driver. At times when there is very low or high voltage, the system is powered by DG sets.

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Quality Standards

Selvon Instruments Pvt. Ltd. An ISO 9001-2000 Company is committed to improve its method & ways to satisfy the needs of our customers & deliver to them on time, quality product & services.

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Our Mission

We have the privilege of having a group of experienced young entrepreneurs working towards providing power line equipment for good quality power to all industries, Corporate houses & MNCs.

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Environment Protection

The goal of environment protection is achieved through tree plantation, conserving water and creating new water bodies and, last but not the least, by introducing appropriate technologies in our manufacturing operations for constantly enhancing environment care.

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We have a proven track record of more than a decade in manufacturing of highly reliable and efficient Servo Controlled Automatic Voltage stabilizers and other products. Our motto is total commitment towards customer's satisfaction.

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Comapny Profile

Selvon is a company who deals in unequalled products like Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers, Isolation Transformer / L.T. Transformer, UPS, Inverter, Constant Voltage Transformers.

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Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers

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IC controlled electronic circuit ensuring positive switching of realy contact making it more reliable & durable. Installed with unique designed vacuum.

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The company is also committed to improving the quality of life by working on three thrust areas-Quality.

Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers

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